G.I.F.T. (Growing In Faith Together) - Cincinnati

Feb 21, 2021

Welcome to First Baptist Church of Strongsville Garbc

Thank you for visiting the G.I.F.T. (Growing In Faith Together) page of First Baptist Church of Strongsville Garbc. We are proud to offer a comprehensive children's faith formation program in Cincinnati, dedicated to nurturing the spiritual growth and development of our young ones.

About G.I.F.T. - Growing In Faith Together

G.I.F.T., also known as Growing In Faith Together, is a vibrant and engaging faith formation program designed specifically for children. Our program aims to create a warm and welcoming environment where children can learn, explore, and deepen their faith.

We believe that instilling strong spiritual roots in children is essential for their overall well-being and growth. Through our G.I.F.T. program, we are committed to equipping children with the knowledge, values, and experiences that will help them build a solid foundation of faith.

Our Approach

At First Baptist Church of Strongsville Garbc, we recognize the importance of tailoring our approach to meet the unique needs of each child. Our G.I.F.T. program combines age-appropriate learning materials, interactive activities, and dedicated staff to create a holistic faith formation experience.

Our experienced team of teachers and volunteers are passionate about fostering spiritual growth in children. They work diligently to create engaging lessons and activities that promote deeper understanding, while emphasizing the importance of love, compassion, and service to others.

The G.I.F.T. Curriculum

Our curriculum is carefully designed to cover a wide range of faith-related topics, offering children a comprehensive understanding of their own beliefs and the teachings of the Christian faith. Each lesson incorporates age-appropriate Bible stories, discussions, and hands-on activities.

Through the G.I.F.T. program, children will have the opportunity to explore important themes such as love, forgiveness, gratitude, morality, and the teachings of Jesus. We believe that by delving into these topics, children can develop a deeper understanding of their faith and how it relates to their lives.

G.I.F.T. Activities and Events

Our commitment to providing a well-rounded faith formation experience extends beyond the classroom. We organize various activities and events throughout the year to reinforce learning, foster community, and create lasting memories.

  • Vacation Bible School (VBS): Our annual VBS program is an exciting week-long event filled with interactive lessons, games, crafts, and music. It is a highlight of the year for our G.I.F.T. participants.
  • Family Worship Services: We encourage families to worship together, and periodically host special family-oriented services where children actively participate alongside their parents.
  • Holiday Celebrations: We celebrate major holidays, such as Christmas and Easter, with special events and services tailored to engage and inspire children.
  • Community Service Projects: Instilling a sense of compassion and the importance of giving back is a key aspect of our program. We organize community service projects to encourage children to make a positive impact.

Get Involved

If you are interested in enrolling your child in the G.I.F.T. program or would like to learn more about what we offer, we invite you to reach out to our friendly staff. We are always excited to meet new families and share the joy of faith with our community.

At First Baptist Church of Strongsville Garbc, we believe that children are an important part of our congregation and are committed to providing them with a nurturing and enriching faith formation experience. Join us on this exciting journey of Growing In Faith Together!