Welcome to Rona Community Church Sermons

Feb 11, 2021

Journey of Spiritual Guidance

Rona Community Church, part of the First Baptist Church of Strongsville Garbc, invites you to join us on a transformative journey through our enriching sermons. Led by our passionate pastors, we delve into faith and belief topics, fostering spiritual growth within our community.

Empowering Sermons

At Rona Community Church, our pastors deliver powerful sermons that inspire, educate, and empower individuals seeking spiritual enlightenment. Our sermons are carefully crafted to provide guidance and support, helping you navigate life's challenges through the lens of faith.

Exploring Faith-Based Topics

With a commitment to promoting understanding and fostering a sense of community, our pastors cover a wide range of faith-based topics in their sermons. From exploring the teachings of the Bible to addressing contemporary issues, our sermons provide a comprehensive perspective on matters of faith.

Building Stronger Communities

At Rona Community Church, we understand the importance of building strong and supportive communities. Our sermons emphasize unity, compassion, and love, encouraging our congregation to actively participate in community service and outreach initiatives. Together, we can make a positive impact on the world around us.

Dedicated Pastors

Our dedicated pastors, who lead with passion and devotion, form the heart of Rona Community Church. With years of experience and profound theological knowledge, they guide us on our spiritual journeys, providing insightful sermons that resonate with individuals from all walks of life.

Join Us on Sundays

We invite you to join us every Sunday as we come together to experience uplifting worship and thought-provoking sermons. Rona Community Church is a place where believers can find guidance, support, and a welcoming community of like-minded individuals.

Get Involved

At Rona Community Church, there are numerous opportunities to get involved and actively contribute to our vibrant community. From participating in small group discussions to volunteering for community outreach programs, your involvement helps strengthen our faith community.

Small Group Discussions

Our small group discussions provide a platform for deeper exploration of the sermons and related topics. Engage in meaningful conversations, share personal insights, and develop lasting relationships with fellow members of the Rona Community Church family.

Volunteer Programs

Make a difference by offering your time and talents to our volunteer programs. Whether it's serving at local charities, organizing community events, or providing support to those in need, your involvement helps create a stronger, more compassionate community.

Community Outreach

We actively engage in community outreach initiatives, extending a helping hand to those facing difficult circumstances. From supporting local shelters to organizing food drives, we aim to uplift and support individuals within and beyond our immediate community.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like more information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We would be happy to connect with you and provide further details about our sermons and community activities.

Visit Us

Feel free to visit Rona Community Church at the following address:

First Baptist Church of Strongsville Garbc 123 Main Street Strongsville, OH 44136


Reach out to us via email:

[email protected]


Contact us by phone at: (123) 456-7890

Experience Enlightening Sermons at Rona Community Church

Join us at Rona Community Church, where meaningful sermons, a strong sense of community, and a welcoming atmosphere await. Together, we can explore faith, find solace, and make a positive impact in our lives, the lives of others, and the world around us.