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Nov 18, 2023


Welcome to the official website of FCC Bronx, a leading religious organization based in Bronx, New York. As a vibrant synagogue, we are proud to provide a diverse range of programs and services to our community. With a rich history and a commitment to serving the spiritual and social needs of our members, FCC Bronx stands out as one of the best churches in the area.

Our Journey

Established in the heart of Bronx, FCC Bronx has been serving the community for over 50 years. Our dedicated team of clergy and volunteers work tirelessly to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for individuals of all backgrounds. We embrace diversity and strive to create a sense of belonging for everyone who enters our doors.

Synagogues, Religious Organizations, Churches

FCC Bronx is not just a church; we are a multifaceted religious organization that offers various programs and services to cater to the diverse needs of our congregation. As a synagogue, we provide a spiritual home for individuals seeking a sense of community and a place to worship. Our services blend tradition with contemporary elements, ensuring that each experience is meaningful and relevant.

Programs and Services

At FCC Bronx, we believe in nurturing the spiritual, social, and personal growth of our members. To achieve this, we offer a wide array of programs and services:

Worship Services

Our worship services form the cornerstone of our community. We conduct regular Shabbat services and hold special holiday services throughout the year. Led by our dedicated clergy, these services provide moments of reflection, prayer, and connection.

Religious Education

We understand the importance of religious education, and therefore, offer comprehensive programs for all age groups. From children's classes to adult learning, FCC Bronx aims to deepen spiritual knowledge and foster a greater understanding of our faith.

Community Outreach

FCC Bronx is committed to making a positive impact beyond our synagogue walls. We actively engage in philanthropic initiatives, partnering with local organizations and charities to serve the less fortunate. Through volunteer work and community outreach programs, we strive to be a source of hope and support.

Social Events

To promote a sense of community and camaraderie, we organize various social events throughout the year. These events create opportunities for our members to connect, share experiences, and build lasting friendships.

Embracing Diversity

At FCC Bronx, we believe that diversity is our strength. Our synagogue welcomes individuals from different cultural backgrounds, ages, and abilities. We celebrate inclusivity and are committed to providing an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and supported.

A Safe and Supportive Environment

Creating a safe and supportive environment is of utmost importance to us. We prioritize the well-being and security of our members, implementing measures to ensure a welcoming atmosphere free from discrimination or prejudice.

Contact Us

If you are seeking a spiritual home or are interested in learning more about FCC Bronx, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Visit our website to explore our programs, schedule, and opportunities for involvement. We look forward to welcoming you into our community.

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